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Mode for Tagart modal

Mode for Tagart modal

In the field the basis of microclimate comfort is to extract the moisture from the surface of the skin to the outside. Moisture accumulated on the body has bad affect on the comfort while we are hunting. Moisture on the body may affect on thermal comfort in two ways. When it’s cold – it cools our body, and when it’s hot – overheats. Nowadays, there are a lot of fabrics which are pleasant for the skin, for example cotton or synthetic thermo-active fabrics.


Is there a fiber which is pleasant to the touch and maintain microclimate at the same time?

The answear is: yes!

Excellent natural fabric, more pleasant than cotton, more durable and having the features of synthetic thermo-active fabrics.

This is modal, fabric made of a cellulose fiber obtained from beech wood.

“Beech” fabric is highly durable and very delicate in touch. When it is skilfully washed, it does not require ironing. Thanks to smooth and delicate structure of fiber, it efficently extracts the moisture from the surface of the skin to the outside. Beech fiber absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton, so keeps the skin relatively dry and protects our body from hypothermia or overheating.


How do behave clothes, made of beech fiber, worn in the field?

Comparing “beech” fabric to cotton, we can see that it is much more pleasant to wear, it gives a feeling of freshness while wearing and doesn’t crease as much as cotton. After some time of using “beech” clothing, we get used to the comfort so much, that when we put on cotton clothes once again, the difference in the microclimate will be really noticeable.

“Beech” fabric in comperison to synthetic thermo-active clothing, perfectly extracts the moisture from the surface of the skin, due to special fiber structure. Moisture extracting is as quick and smooth as in the case of synthetic clothing. Clothes made of modal are also much more pleasant to wear and maintain freshness longer than synthetic clothes, which affects on usage comfort.

Tagart creates products with fiber beech from several years.

In the collection you can find: a warm thermo-active underwear, polo with long and short sleeve and many types of shirts.