Privacy policy

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What are cookies?

Cookies are IT data, usually in a form of short text files which are stored in final device of User of our Website. Cookies mainly include the name of the Website which they originate from, their storage time in a User’s device, and their unique number.

What do we store cookies data for?

Cookies are stored in order to keep the User’s session within the Website, adjust the Website to the User’s individual preferences and to create Website visit statistics, which enable us to understand how it is used.

What type of Cookie files are used within our Website?

Three types of Cookie files are used within our website. These include:

  • Session Cookies. These are temporary files which remain in the User’s final device until logging out or closing the browser.
  • Persistent Cookies. These files remain in the User’s final device for the period of time specified in the Cookie parameters or unit they have been manually deleted by the User.
  • Third Party Cookies.

Changing the settings for Cookies

The User may, at any time, make changes to Cookies in the browser settings. These settings may be changed so as to block automatic use of Cookies or to inform about Cookies being stored on the User’s final device each time. Such use-restrictions of Cookie files may affect some features of functionality available within the Website and render further correct use impossible.