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TAGART Brand - Tagart



Tagart is a combination of fashion in earth colours and passion for the nature full of open spaces. We design and share our passion for over 20 years. Since the very beginning of our existence, our clothes are produced only in Poland.

When going to countryside, forest or hunting, Tagart will accompany you, ensuring comfort and unique style.

Discover 3 lines of our products:

Classic is a casual outdoor fashion line. Quilted jackets, suit jackets, sweaters, shirts made of the highest quality fabrics are a classic formula, which is an addition to a successful weekend trip to the suburbs.

outdoor-strona-minOutdoor Pro
Products from Outdoor Pro line are characterized by smart design with functional cut and are made with usage of new technologies. Thanks to durable fabrics with high parameters of waterproofing, breathability and thermal insulation, products from Outdoor Pro series can handle the toughest challenges of the changeable weather conditions. Shades of brown, green and camouflage brings you closer to nature while hiking in the forest, taking photo of wildlife or camping.

outdoor-strona-minHunting Pro
Hunting Pro is a line only for hunters. Professional products, which are designed to cope with the special needs of hunters. Innovative solutions, carefully selected fabrics, functionality and durability of our products will be appreciated during hunting, regardless of the weather conditions.

Surrounded by the smell of forest, begin a real adventure with Tagart.