Wing Lady Vest

Very light in weight quilted vest insulated with down. Durable two-sided nylon lining, effective thermal insulation made of high quality goose down. Folded takes up very little space. Comfortable pockets to keep hands in. It is ideal for various events, not only hunting. Perfect to be used either as outer clothing to be worn over a shirt or a jumper, as well as a warming vest worn under a jacket.

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Selby Shirt

Stylish ladies’ shirt with a delicate navy blue-beige-brown checked pattern on a white background. Fabric with a high content of Modal, very pleasant to the touch. Efficiently extracts moisture to the outside.

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Tina Honey Trousers

High quality cotton, tailored ladies’ cut, elegant and practical at the same time. Classic style pockets at the front, buttoned pocket at the back. Additionally decorated pocket flaps with buttons at the front. Waist fitted with two buttons. Thanks to the addition of elastane the pants fit the body and do not hinder movement.

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Wing Vest is insulated with high quality goose down. As a result, despite the very light weight it guarantees comfort in a wide range of temperatures. The outer fabric and lining is made of very light and durable nylon fabric.

Selby Shirt is made of Modal fiber, which is very pleasant to the touch and efficiently extracts moisture from the surface of the skin to the outside.
Tina trousers are made of durable fabric in honey colour. The addition of elastane improves usage comfort.